Boat Projects


So when we purchased Orion a previous owner had butchered the aft galley shelves to fit in a microwave, so as you can see in the pictures below we inherited a big black, rusty microwave that took up a lot of space. It was obvious to us that with 5 people on board we 1, needed the space and 2 with 500amp hr of battery storage and a plan to live on the hook most of the time we weren’t willing to generate power for the use of a microwave. So it had to go. Also if you look closely at the pictures the galley varnish work was really tatty, so we decided to pretty it all up!



Firstly out come the microwave and Jas built a new shelf! Then we pulled apart the galley joinery and started sanding, staining and varnishing…



galley new shelf in


gally varnishing 1




Wow shiny!


Our pressure water pump was a million years old when we bought the boat and although it worked fine it was leaky, a previous owner had pulled it apart for some reason and when doing up the nuts had not sealed them and being in a salty environment they had corroded and so it made it impossible to be able to correct the leak! So unable to leave it leaking it was time for a new pump! At the same time we decided that our old plumbing lines (30years old) were looking pretty gross and Jas wanted new valves in a central location to isolate our tanks. At the same time he decided that the bilge could do with a new coat of shiny white paint – why not!


And like magic – pressure water!



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