Well here it is for all of you that have asked, a blog that will update you on our journey.

We are so excited!!!

The list of jobs that seemed so never-ending has whittled its way down to perhaps a more managable list, I don’t think there will ever be a time when you leave with all your jobs done. The big ones are ticked off, the boat is ready to sail!

We are getting a handle on this correspondence school.

And…finally we are wrapping up paid work!!! (for a little bit).

We are all surviving living on Orion and actually really enjoying the freedom of not having a big house to care for.

So we are leaving very early saturday morning for an island hop up the coast to airlie beach (gateway to the whitsunday islands). Pictures and exciting events to follow, but for now here are some pictures of the preparation from the last few months!IMG_4316


Haulout, bottom paint, cut and buff hull.


The chaos inside the boat while working on her.photo (37)photo (36)

Lots of sanding and varnishing!

photo (35)

Having a break

photo (34) photo (33)

Varnishing the toe rail, replacing the lifelines…

photo (32)

Re-bed all the leaky staunchion bases

photo (31)

New Oven

photo (30) photo (29)


photo (28)photo (27)

Our lives on orion after moving aboard


New Teak floor


New Lowers


More varnishing prep, washing wringer

Those are a just a few of the many projects undertaken in what has been a massive year, bring on cold drinks, sunsets, beaches and snorkelling!!